Red Sea Aggressor May 2014

May 10-17 Week 1 Brothers/Daeldalus/Elphinstone

May 17-24 Week 2 Southern/St. John itinerary - journeys to Ras Banas and St. John's Reef, Fury Shoal, Sha’ab Mansour, Sha’ab Claude and Sataya sample lush walls and reefs


The food and service were first rate both weeks.  You could not ask for more.  The staff did everything possible to make this a fun and relaxing adventure. 

The diving was very different on the 2 routes but both were wonderful. 

Week 1 - On Big Brother we saw Titan Trigger Fish, Turtles, Moray Eels, Barracuda, Napoleon Wrasse as well as a plethora of Grey Reef Sharks. On Little Brother we saw more Napoleon Wrasse, huge Barracuda, Crocodile Fish, Giant Morays and to top it all off our group of divers got to see two beautiful Hammer Heads cruise by us in the blue. At Daedalus Reef we saw around 7 – 10 Hammerheads & we were hugely fortunate to see around 8 Manta Ray sightings, very cool indeed!!  At Elphinstone Reef we saw 3 gorgeous Reef Sharks as well as a massive green sea turtle. We also saw The plentiful Red Sea Bannerfish, The masked Pufferfish and also the wonderful Butterfly fish.

Week 2 -

The week was wondering.  Offering an amazing list of underwater sea life.  Due to a lower pressure weather condition we had rough seas and low visibility the first day but then we were treated to two hundred feet visibility. We  swam through mystical caverns, a beautiful experience.  One day we were able to swim with a school of dolphins, this was totally amazing.  Just to name a few we saw: wonderful family of lionfish; porcupine pufferfish; blue spotted stingray; several large moray eels swimming in the open;  gorgeous pipefish; scorpion fish blending into the environment; blanket of sea urchins; masked puffer fish; parrotfish; octopus; unicorn fish; Picasso trigger fish; big school of barracuda; white tip reef shark; silky shark; big Napoleon wrasse; cuttlefish; longnose trevally; school of huge amberjack; Turtles; Red Sea bannerfish; family of gobies; lyretail hogfish; and always a gazillions of orange antheas (they made the photos so lovely).

Thanks to the generous offering of my fellow travelers, below you will see photos of our wonderful trip above and below the sea.

Happy Diving and hope you will join us on our next adventure, Lana

Under Water Photos

Week 1

Week 2

                                       James Rudick

Red Sea Video