Oct 14 -28 2017 

“The Soft Coral Capital of the World” (Jaques Cousteau)


This will be another exciting Diving Divas trip!


We will begin our trip with 5 days at Waidroka. Resort

Included are all meals and 3 days of diving for a total of 8 dives,

one of which would be a two tank shark dive. 

 We would have one full day for village tours or other inland excursions.

  (Excursions will be booked on site and not included in the price) 


Then we transfer to the NAI'A from October 21-28 2017 NAI'I  

Diving - NAI'A heads north and east around the flank of the main island of Viti Levu to reach Bligh Water. Several different divesites in Bligh Water are available including Vatu-i-ra, E6, Mt. Mutiny, and Cat's Meow, depending on localized weather conditions. From there we choose our sites according to weather, tides, and our passengers' inclinations. Generally we visit the islands and barrier reefs of Namena, Wakaya, and Gau.


Upon disembarking we have a day room to await our flight back to the U.S.


Costs (Cash)- $5430 for the land resort, boat, diving, meals, day room and all transportation. 

Deposit is $400 non-refundable

By booking now this should hold all prices to current rates.


The estimated air fare from LAX is $1500.


All Diving Divas Activities Are Non-Smoking