Cairo, Cruise on the Nile,

 and Red Sea Diving

April 13-30 2022


Diving Divas Egypt Expedition - Details of this Trip

Red Sea Aggressor 1 Know Before You Go                    Aggressor Nile Queen Know Before You Go

Visa Not Required at this time

Diver's Checklist

Please complete these documents and return to me at

Diving Divas Travel Release Form

Diving Medical Form

New-Required Diving Medical Form: The Government of Egypt has recently begun enforcing regulations that requires all dive operations to obtain (certified and non-certified) a Diving Medical History form before allowing anybody to participate in recreational diving activities. The universal RSTC Medical History Questionnaire is acceptable.

If you answered YES to questions 3, 5 or 10 above OR to any of the questions on page 2, please read and agree to the statement above by signing and dating it AND take all three pages of this form (Participant Questionnaire and the Physician’s Evaluation Form) to your physician for a medical evaluation. Participation in a diving course requires your physician’s approval.

Standard safe diving practices.

Divers Alert Network or equivalent, is required

All payments are non-refundable, travel insurance is strongly recommended.  Ask about annual policies that cover all your travel.   


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All Diving Divas activities are non-smoking including e-vape