November 11-20, 2011

Diving the Socorro Islands

 Rocio Del Mar Liveaboard

This was a truly amazing trip. I saw some of the largest ocean pelagic animals in the world. Schooling Hammerhead sharks, dolphins, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, clouds of jacks and barracuda, tuna, wahoo, marlin, oceanic white tips sharks, whale sharks and mantas.  There was never a dull moment.  Below I included links to videos taken by my fellow travelers. 

The Revillagigedo Islands (also Revillagigedo Archipelago or Islas Revillagigedo) are a group of four volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, known for their unique ecosystem. The islands are home to many endemic plant and animal species, and are sometimes called Mexico's "little Galapagos".  Socorro island is the most diverse in flora, fauna, and topography.

The islands lie 250 miles off Baja Mexico's southern shore. When embarking on a trip to the Socorro Islands; possible destinations on the itinerary are San Benedicto, Socorro, Roca Partida and Clarion Islands.

Mantas are the claim to fame for Socorro Islands; the island on which they seem to congregate the most is San Benedicto! The magical dive site called "The Boiler" is a submerged sea mount and cleaning station. More than a half dozen Mantas frequent this pinnacle regularly. The Mantas here are very friendly and seem to enjoy the presence of humans. This is truly an exceptional place if you wish to really experience the Manta Magic.

Videos from

Walt Bolton Central Oregon Diving LLC

Around the World with Central Oregon Diving Video

Elaine Kwee DiVo Dive Voluntourism

Giant Manta Birostris, Mating Dolphins and Whalesharks Mexico Socorros Video

Fernnado Lopez

Archipielago de Revillagigedo

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