S/Y Palau Siren

Spawning Special Bumphead Parrotfish - New Moon (10 nights)

February 21-March 03, 2022

10 Days Price $5650 plus $270 Park fees


At new moon, thousands of bumphead parrotfish gather together in one area and we have the opportunity to be part of this event. Click here for more details, (we are on the New Moon trip).


But wait there’s more! You know I am not a fan of night diving but I am all in on these.   'Blackwater” night diving, unlike regular night dives, conducted in the inner lagoon, black water diving is conducted 8 miles off shore, at a specific spot, witnessing the largest migration on earth, where extraordinary species, mostly not bigger than few centimeters, rise from the depths to feed.


And Jellyfish Lake is open again and we will snorkel there.  Watch this video to see more https://palaudiveadventures.com/palau-jellyfish-lake/#


We will be visiting during the season for the best diving conditions and visibility. The water temperature is a lovely warm temperature year-round without much variation and averages 82F year-round.