Dewi Nusantara Nov 8-19 2022

Trip Details

Cost $7,684 includes Port Fees

Trip Details


The pre trip has not been planned but it will likely be in Bali at the Fairmont Hotel


If there is enough interest, I can also arrange a second pre trip option to Lembeh for muck diving


Then we board the Dewi Nov 8-19 Round trip from Sorong


You cost for a Deluxe Stateroom is $7340 plus $335 Port and Harbor Fees $255.  Total $7649. Master Cabin $8849. + $335. = $9184.


Airfare will become available around December 10th. 


No airfare costs are included in the prices above. 


There are flights available from Bali to Sorong for departure and Sorong to Jakarta to Singapore for the return.


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